julie lives here

some time ago, i had the wonderful fortune of meeting julie michelle, photographer extraordinaire, and master-mind & heart behind i live here: sf, a blog that features people who live here in san francisco through their own written words and a slide show of pictures taken by julie. browse just a few of julie’s photos, […]

this weekend: don’t get wet, get poems!

the forecast says rain. so i say, come and get a poem! buy some poetry art! buy some poetry jewelry! it’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy (and dry) inside! saturday october 23rd: noe valley harvest festival! 10am-5pm on 24th street between church and sanchez “Sixty Bay Area artists and crafts people will display and […]

what’s in the works

hello wonderful readers of poems! the poetry store is now making poetry jewelry, using the same process as poetry art pieces–found & reused materials with some words on ’em to make a one-of-a-kind piece! right now, the jewelry line is very limited (as it’s my first run). if you’re interested in purchasing something, come and […]

the revolution begins here.

with this. my new remington rand kmc industrial typewriter. purchased from the good people of viracocha, a magical world of all things beautiful & desires you never even knew you had. why is this big little machine a revolution? because it means no more 8 inch margin barriers. no more inability to make horizontal pieces. […]

oh so grateful, to you.

i’m a little superstitious sometimes, and don’t like to count the night’s earnings until i’m home. it’s not that i think counting sooner will make the money disappear; it’s just that i like to maintain the surprise, the magic of the gratitude that inevitably swells when i realize how many poems i’ve put forth into […]