poets are people too.

fort mason was a bust. a twelve hours spent preparing and then twelve hours waiting for people to ask for poems with only two or three customers in a crowd of thousands kind of bust. to add insult, a woman with a french accent, who seemed not curious but genuinely perplexed about my merchandise–poems written […]

fort mason book sale is here!

gaggles of bay area book enthusiasts will flock to fort mason pavillion this weekend for the annual friends of the library book sale. who wouldn’t? thousands and thousands of books, organized by category, and for sale on the cheap? what more could you ask for? oh, the poetry store, you say? a nice gal with […]

the poetry store returns

to the arthouse gallery, where it made its debut. please join us for another night of art and music.

the poetry store is open for business

last week’s ‘our family coalition’ event at the yerba buena center for the arts marked the turning of a new poetry store page–being hired for an hourly (not per poem) rate! a splendid time was had by all.