in collaboration.

andy westhoff, a local illustrator i’ve been collaborating with, wanted to give his mom something special for mother’s day. so he drew this, referencing an old photo of her taken in the early seventies coming out of a kansas wheat field. he added his own sunflower and wheat patterns to get a more “kansasy” flavor. […]

help me win $5000 to fund my art!

this will only take a minute! how? help me have the most meaningful conversation! now and continuing a month from now! STEP 1: i want to know: what do you want a poem about? and/or what do you consider poetry? STEP 2: join the conversation on gravity.com: http://tinyurl.com/2ew5vp3. just log in & answer the question. […]

moms love poems.

it’s true. moms love poems.* especially poems that are custom, one of a kind, and made to order just for mom. how do i know moms love poems? because i’ve heard them say, “oh, this is lovely,” and, “what a neat idea! so thoughtful!” and, “thank you for the beautiful poem. it made me cry.” […]

haircuts, for jamie.

for some time now i’ve been meaning to post stories about where the poems i write end up. i am honored to post the first entry for jamie. some time ago i got a voicemail from my friend penny. she sounded somber. not at all like her funny, upbeat, quick to make a joke self. […]