give your wedding a charming vintage appeal with decor from the poetry store. silvi will work with you to personalize just the right combination of options to give your wedding or event a touch of poetry.

in addition to the options listed below, the poetry store is happy to discuss anything else your heart desires that fits into the scope of what the poetry store does, and of course, that fits into a typewriter. contact silvi: thepoetrystore.poet@gmail.com

love is, for laura and shashicustom poetry centerpieces

Set your centerpiece apart. Adorn your tables with a custom poem, typed on a photo or artwork of your choosing & beautifully framed in 8.5×11 size, or smaller. These centerpieces also double as great gifts! Note: If you’d like the same center piece on all tables, the price per piece decreases.



imgp0417framed hand-typed place cards and custom poem in new or vintage frames imgp0423

Includes a frame for each guest in which the place card is displayed with a pre- written custom poem or have your guests get their onsite on-demand poem written and framed in these frames. New frames will be matching size, color, and shape. Vintage frames will be of varying size, shape, & color with a matching vintage look.



custom bottled poetry favors
Includes a small brown glass bottle, customizable paper & optional personalized tag and ribbon adornment. these make great favors with pre-written poems, just tell Silvi what you’d like to say in gratitude, who you’d like to say it to, and she’ll create a beautiful bottled poetry gift. or, combine this with the on-site poetry service and have your guests get their personalized poem written on the paper.


hand-typed seating chart and/or place cards on tented paper

please note: this option does not include a poem or frame.