mustaches & poems for charity!

an interview with brian mc gregor, man behind tonight’s mustache competition tonight, Thursday, May 27, 2010, 6:00pm – 10:00pm Edinburgh Castle Pub (950 Geary Street, San Francisco).
if you’ve got some art growing on your face, come join us!

why are you having a mustache competition? what was the inspiration?
This Competition is the start of My Mustache Ride Across America, kickin’ it of in San Francisco to help benefit Smile Train. I will then travel to Bend, Oregon to compete in the National Beard and Mustache Competition, followed by hosting a competition at Bonnaroo in Manchester TN. I figure if its growing on my face, I might as well put it to work!

i’ve heard you call your ‘stache “art on your face.” could you explain?
I’m an artist by trade and when it comes to my facial hair, its another type of medium I’m fortunate enough to be able to work with. My mustache isn’t your typical mustache, its more of a work of art I sculpt weekly.

how long have you been growing yours? challenges? triumphs?
I have been growing this particular ‘stache for almost a year, its Growthday started in 2009 at Bonnaroo. The only challenges that have presented themselves deal with blowing my nose, cooling myself off by blowing upwards, and a bad habit of chewing on it! Since I’ve had the stash, I’ve meet some incredible people, won several competitions, and helped raise money for kids in need.

advice for other growers?
If you got it, grow it. Remember that it’s not the man that grows the mustache, its the mustache that grows the man. For everyone who may be follically challenged, support those around you by offering a High-Five and words of encouragement.

and how about a little about you?
I grew up in Boston and got my BFA from Bowdoin College, ME. My family comes from Scotland whom I attribute my growing abilities- my great grandfathers all had wonderful stashes at some point in their lives. While my heart has landed in San Francisco, I enjoy traveling, making art, meeting new people, and celebrating life.

in case you’d like to emoticon a ‘stache:
this is more like a mustache :{ or :[ or add a beard :{>


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  1. Nate says:

    I never would have imagined…funny and oddly inspirational

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