oh so grateful, to you.

thank you, truly, deeply, to everyone who supports what i do. i’m a little superstitious sometimes, and don’t like to count the night’s earnings until i’m home. it’s not that i think counting sooner will make the money disappear; it’s just that i like to maintain the surprise, the magic of the gratitude that inevitably swells when i realize how many poems i’ve put forth into the world, and how each poem represents someone i’ve connected with, someone who supports what i do.*

the other night, while counting my gratitude, after coming home from being the poet by the penguins at the california academy of sciences (a magic in and of itself!),** i discovered a wonderfully surprising little thing: someone had tipped me a dollar, but not just any dollar, a dollar perfectly, beautifully folded into a sunburst heart. i gasped! i squealed! “oh! this is so beautiful! who did this? oh!” and then i sat quiet for a minute, feeling so grateful, like my heart was sun-bursting too.

i’m gonna keep this little anonymous gift in my wallet as a reminder that people are good, giving, magical, and that we all should aspire to be so, and remain oh so humble, and grateful.

to whoever it was who gave me this gift, and everyone reading this, and anyone who have ever purchased a poem: thank you, deeply and truly, for supporting my work in this world.

i am forever yours in poetry and gratitude.


*i don’t think i’ll ever cease being amazed that people want (and sometimes even need) to buy poems.  (if ever i do stop being amazed, that’s probably the day i should stop writing poems.)

**what a thing it is to be writing poems next to sleeping penguins! the light goes out for them at 9pm, and then, they tuck their heads a little, and snooze. (it makes me swoon a little, they’re just so cute.)

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