the poetry store is a holiday shop

NPXMAS.smthe poetry store is here to help you meet all your crafty* holiday gift giving needs.

this season, take back the sweater you got your mom, the tie you got your dad, the underwear you got your boyfriend.

instead, stuff stockings with poems, decorate mom’s mantle with an illustrated poem, refresh dad’s nightstand with a framed poem, fill your book-loving boyfriend’s books with book mark poems, and order poems by post for your friends far and wide.

trust me, people love poems.** and who doesn’t want a custom gift made especially for them?

*bonus: the poetry store helps you look crafty, even if you’re not crafty at all!

**people who love poems: moms; dads; babies (especially the soon-to-be born or christened); brothers; sisters; cousins; nieces; nephews; children (biological, adopted, and given up for adoption); moms; lovers (new, old, jilted, wanna be); ex’s; crushes; co-workers; bosses; landlords; santa; satan (i.e. paradise lost); moms; old friends; new friends; soon-to-be friends (poems help you keep & make friends!); boyfriends; girlfriends; friendfriends; moms; acquaintances; fracquaintances; sculptors; painters; poets; writers; readers; computer techies (see also: anyone who has ever said, “i’m as creative as a roll of toilet paper.”); people celebrating birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvahs, reunions; dogs; cats; birds; lizards; fish; grandmas; grandpas; (did i mention) moms!

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