the revolution begins here.

with this.

my new remington rand kmc industrial typewriter. purchased from the good people of viracocha, a magical world of all things beautiful & desires you never even knew you had.

why is this big little machine a revolution?

because it means no more 8 inch margin barriers. no more inability to make horizontal pieces. because it means 11×14, maybe even 14×11. all so unimaginable before i chanced upon meeting this remington rand.

this chance meeting is a reminder. dreams do come true. even when you didn’t know they were there for you to dream.

come to viracocha this tuesday september 14th, 7:30-10:00pm, for a night of poetry & jazz. the poetry store will be on hand writing poems & all donations will go toward the purchase of the newest member of my typewriter family (pictured above).


special thanks to nate munger, of the union trade, for helping make this dream come true.

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