will soon be at cal academy & gallery 28

all poems at the cal academy will be free!


saturday june 19th, noon-6pm

located on 1228 grant ave (at fresno, about 2 block from city lights bookstore), gallery 28 is dedicated to local artists & i’m excited to set up shop and sell poems here. check out the gallery before you go: http://www.gallery-28.com/
(this event is part of the north beach art walk: http://www.northbeachchamber.com/)


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  1. Nav says:

    So sorry I missed this event!!! I will be more diligent about checking yor site for event dates, I have yet to make it to one and I am loning to see you in action and read more of your “on the spot work”! THanks for sharing your words!!! I love the one for Jill…

  2. admin says:

    thanks for being a fan! and yes, do check the site often. it’s updated frequently. this month i’ll be a lot of places! see you soon and thanks again for the support! -silvi

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