4×6 poem in an envelope


purchase poems online and have them delivered via snail mail! yep. snail mail. not email. because i believe mail is meant to be sent by human means and typed poems on paper are better held in your hands.

send one to yourself, your dad, your lover, even a stranger!

please expect 7 business days for the order to be filled and mailed. note that snail mail is aptly named! after the order is filled, it’ll take 1-3 business days to get to californians. items shipped elsewhere in the US should arrive in 2-7 business days.if you need an order filled faster and or shipped sooner, please let me know. rush fees and shipping costs will apply.

here’s how it works:

step 1: pay for your poem

for a 4×6 poem by post please donate $20 minimum

step 2: fill out the order form

hello dear customer of a custom poem: when telling me what you’d like your poem to be about, be sure to tell me stories and give me details and secrets and all the stuff you’d say if you were talking to your bff. the more personal you get, the more personalized i can make the poem.

NOTE: if you’ve ordered more than one poem, please tell me how many poems you’ve ordered. you are welcomed/encouraged to place all of your orders on the same order form. do make sure you include ALL the required info for each poem.

if you have any problems, email me at thepoetrystore.poet@gmail.com thank you so much for your order! i look forward to writing your poem!

in poetry & gratitude,


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step 3: i type your completely original poem on a beautiful piece of paper and mail it to the person of your choosing!