i am remembering everything

i’ve got new work!A� A�

A�rose and the nightingaleA�A�A�


at collector gallery
2950 college ave, berkeley

friday july 13th 6-8pm

(work will be showing until the end of august)
A� A�

My work, rooted in creating typewritten poems on demand, is interested in what happens when obstruction and objective meet. In this series, titled “I Am Remembering Everything,a�? the usual obstructions remain: the paper must fit into a typewriter and the poem, a.k.a. the objective, must emerge spontaneously. Because life and art so often breathe the same breath, when creating this series, a more personal obstruction introduced itself: the death of my mother who battled cancer for seven long years. Without realizing how truly this work paid homage to my moma��a lover of hummingbirds and a lifelong cross stitchera��I found myself drawn to small wings and employing a previously unexplored technique: hand-sewing. This approach to line drawing, combined with layers of repeated words, white space, and transparency, proved, for me as an artist at least, that art and writing are indeed a way of healing, of making into object what might otherwise only be feeling, and of the magic that happens when subconscious impulses meet the artista��s heart and hand.A�A�




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