your valentine wants a poem <3

the corporate holiday is here again. do something different. send your valentine* a one-of-a-kind poem. about anything you want.**

take advantage of the VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL: send your poem in a bottle w/a gift tag for $14! (offer only valid until feb.10th)

order your poem by post or poem in a bottle today! and/or check out my event calender to stop by, say hi, and get your poem in person (note: at some events you can even get your poem for free!)

And, A SUPER EXCITING UPCOMING EVENT: my very own gallery show at secession art & design! opening night feb. 11th 6:30-9:30pm. wine! music! poetry! all new poetry art pieces (birds galore!) & poetry jewelry (including cuff links!) & poetry butterfly art in collaboration with bug under glass. yay! come by!

*don’t think you have a valentine? here is a list of potentials: your lover, want to be lover, jilted lover, secret crush, not-so-secret crush, mom, dad, baby (especially your soon-to-be born or christened), brother, sister, cousin, niece, nephew, children (biological, adopted, and/or given up for adoption), mom, lover, ex’s (yes, all of them), crush, co-worker, boss, landlord, aunt, uncle, dog, cat, bird, lizard, fish, grandma, grandpa, santa, satan (i.e. paradise lost), lover, old friends (yes, all of them), new friends, soon-to-be friends (yes, poems help you keep & make friends!), boyfriend, girlfriend, friendfriends (yes, all of them), acquaintances, fracquaintances, sculptor friend, painter neighbor, poet lover, your writer sister, reader dad, computer techie crush (see also: anyone who has ever said, “i’m as creative as a roll of toilet paper.”). see also: anyone in your life celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary, bar/bat mitzvahs, or reunion, and (did i mention) your lover!

**poetry subjects can include, but are not limited to: love (requited or not), gratitude, friendship, birds, coyotes, jellyfish, volcanoes, and fire.

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